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These standard shapes are available in many sizes.  Once you have chosen the desired shape for your custom award, you must decide the approximate size needed and the artwork requirements.

Here is the easiest way to get a rapid quotation for your project:

a) Choose the shape/s you are interested in

b) Settle on an approximate size you would like.  (Lucite is price on volume...it's a liquid)

c) Decide on what you would like embedded.

d) Call us for a RAPID quotation!

Of course, we can help you decide the appropriate shape and size for your project, or help you in your artwork design for the piece.  Please call us at 401-841-5646 to discuss the many options.

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*Standard Shapes  #1


  Special Shapes #1

Special Shapes #2

Special Shapes #3

Shapes w/ Bases

Custom Molded Shapes

Theme Pieces

additional options:

Financial Awards

Metal Castings

Printing Processes


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